Guided Tours of the MV Balmoral

Sign up for tours on the hour from 12:00pm on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July aboard The Balmoral.The vessel was incredibly popular with holidaymakers, providing day trips around Britain’s coast before cheap flights to Spain became the preferred holiday destination.The ship has the unique distinction of having visited more British ports than any other ship and features in many films including the upcoming Netflix series 'Black Cake', which will be released in August. The tours explore the Balmoral's vast engine room, bridge and reveal how this heritage vessel works. It also explains how it generated income in the past and how it is being used today and in the future. Up to 700 passengers can board the ship out at sea and a team of 50 award-winning volunteers are currently working to restore it so that it can once again return to the waves.Tours are free - there is music and a family friendly bar onboard. Find the ship at M Shed Museum.

Start Time:

11:00 am

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