The Harbour powering homes: an Intro to Bristol Heat Network

Vattenfall are working in partnership with Bristol City Leap to support the decarbonisation of Bristol by 2030. Over the next five years Bristol City Leap plans to deliver a total investment of £750m to lower carbon emissions and create 1,000 jobs in the process.

To decarbonise our city, the first step is decarbonising the heat we use. Heat networks act just like an individual central heating system, but for a whole city – and deliver greater efficiency when doing so.

Vattenfall, one of the most experienced heat networks players, currently provide the equivalent of 5,000 homes and businesses with heating and hot water through an award-winning water-source heat pump, located in Castle Park. In the next five years, the heat network will rapidly expand, with the equivalent of 12,000 homes and businesses receiving low carbon heat from new energy centres dotted across Bristol.

Join this session to learn how water from Bristol’s floating harbour is heating nearby buildings, and the exciting plans to roll out low carbon energy infrastructure across the city.



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The Expression Stage (Talks, Millennium square)