She's Got Brass

She's Got Brass stands proudly as London's premier 10-piece, all-girl brass extravaganza. Sporting a fiery rhythm section, tuba, and baritone saxophone, they celebrate diversity and inclusion, representing the full scope of London with LGBTQ+, Afro-Caribbean and Latina heritages within their ranks. Inspired by their rich cultural backgrounds, they weave their diversity into every performance, paying homage to their mixed heritage while pushing musical boundaries. The lineup includes esteemed players from London's vibrant jazz scene, such as members from Kokoroko, Colectiva, Bonita House Band, Seed Ensemble, Neue GRAFIK, Hackney Colliery, New Regency Orchestra, TC and the Groove Family, and many more, embodying a rich tapestry of identities and musical influences. When She's Got Brass takes the stage, they bring more than just music – they bring an experience of unity, freedom, and pure ecstasy to the audience. Their sheer joy in playing together transcends the boundaries between performers and spectators, creating an immersive atmosphere where the music becomes the sole focus of the show's collective energy. She's Got Brass is the ultimate way to witness the release of the essential chaotic feminine energies audiences never knew they needed.



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A group of female musicians are posing with brass instruments and saxophones. They are wearing black, pinstriped jerseys with a logo on the chest. Behind them is a colourful, animated background featuring characters from "Ren & Stimpy," and a large circular logo that reads "She’s Got Brass." The musicians are smiling and appear enthusiastic, conveying a lively and energetic atmosphere.