From classes across the UK, Europe, and now Australia, PILOXERCISE have spread the Carnival spirit to the stages of renowned events such as Glastonbury Festival, Cowley Rd, St. Paul's, and Notting Hill Carnival. This year marks our 16th consecutive year at Harbourside Festival, where we continue to showcase our vibrant performances.

Carnival is a celebration of colour, an explosion of energy, contagious rhythms and dance, celebrated all over the Caribbean. The power of the music, the energy and atmosphere are unreal, taking over you, dancing day and night. It's magical; plus a great workout!

Carnival Fitness brings the magic and energy of Carnival to the class, to celebrate and dance every single day. You need good stamina for Carnival so why not practice all year round. It's just like playing mas, waving your colourful rags and flags, jumping and wining to the best Caribbean music!



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Dance (Queen Square)

A large, diverse group of people are posing for a photo outside a building with brick and concrete walls. They are dressed in colourful and festive attire, with many wearing silver fringed outfits, headdresses, and holding green scarves. A few individuals in the front row are dressed in more elaborate costumes, including one person in a blue and silver outfit. Everyone is smiling and appears to be in high spirits.