Nandini Girish

Mrs. Nandini Girish, hailing from Bangalore, India, commenced her journey in Bharatanatyam at the tender age of 5, later expanding her repertoire to include diverse dance styles such as Kuchipudi and Karanas. Alongside her passion for dance, she is a qualified chartered accountant. Throughout her career, Nandini has graced numerous stages, earning accolades, including prizes for her performances in school dramas.

Notable achievements include clinching the 3rd prize on the TV show “Adarsha Dampati” by Udaya TV (in collaboration with SUN TV) in 2000 and being chosen as a cultural ambassador for India by Grimsby University in 2006. She showcased her talent by performing Kuchipudi dance at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in Westminster Abbey, London, in June 2022. Amidst the pandemic, she continued to spread the richness of Indian culture through online performances, representing India and the Commonwealth under the auspices of the Navy command in London.

Her dedication to preserving Indian cultural heritage extended to representing Kuchipudi dance at the Ministry of Defence. Nandini’s saga of cultural dissemination transcended geographical boundaries, as she showcased both Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam in various locations across the UK, including Bristol, Isle of Wight, London, Birmingham, Taunton, Western Super Mare and so on.



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Dance (Queen Square)

 A woman wearing traditional Indian attire strikes a pose under a decorated floral arch. She is dressed in a green and purple sari with gold jewellery and a Bindi on her forehead. The floral arch features green leaves, white flowers, and pink bouquets.