Family Model Boat Race with My Future My Choice

Family Model Boat Race.

Familes and small teams of chums have built model boats in two hour workshops leading up to the Festival. Workshops are on 29th June, 6th July and 13th July. Get in touch info@myfuturemychoice or search Build Model Yachts Bristol on Eventbrite to get involved.

The models will be of iconic Bristol boats and ships, like The Matthew, Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters which can be seen at Underfall Yard and the SS great Britain. These model sail boats will be paraded from the MV Balmoral at 13:45 to the Prince Street Pontoon where one member from each family or team will take their boat out on a small boat to the launch site. The winning boat will sail straight, tack when it hits an obstacle and stay afloat. Winners will be announced after the race from the small stage near the bridge and celebrations will continue back on the MV Balmoral.



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On the Water

 People in homemade boats, constructed primarily from cardboard, participate in the Cardboard Boat Race by Bristol Harbour. They wear various festive hats, and the boats are adorned with colourful flags. One boat has "HMS" written on it. The atmosphere appears lively and fun.