iAM13E, a musical luminary from Bristol, of Bemba, Shona, Ngoni, Mediterranean, and Celtic ancestry. He is known for sharing his human experience in a rich sonic tapestry. Drawing inspiration from J Cole, Kendrick, and Cost Contra, his sound effortlessly spans Hip Hop, Trap, Drill, and DnB. From the stages of Glastonbury to the vibrant pulse of Bristol Harbourside, Bristol Beacon, Bristol Museum - iAM13E's performances resonate with a distinctive tone, clever wordplay, and an infectious energy. He seamlessly weaves poetry, freestyle, and MCing into his repertoire, earning recognition with commissioned works for Spoke App and placements in collections that have previously been showcases in esteemed institutions like Tate Britain and MoMA. A multifaceted force, iAM13E extends his impact beyond the beats, serving roles from Coach, Structural Integration Practitioner, Reiki Master to Men's Work & Human Work (mixed gender spaces) Facilitator. iAM13e continues his mission to elevate the human experience through a harmonious fusion of words, beats, and a holistic approach to artistic expression.



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The Expression Stage (Talks, Millennium square)

A man with canerows and a large beaded necklace stands in a dimly-lit green room. The background is blurred and you can see a string of fairy lights out of focus in the background