FRILLA Presents La La Land with Ms Lex and Millie Whitestone

Frilla, a groundbreaking eclectic electronic music artist and producer from Bristol, has carved a unique niche in music, blending Drum & Bass, Garage, House music and rap to create their own eclectic sound. Joined by guest singers Ms Lex and Millie Whitestone, Frilla will embark on a new musical adventure, his boundary-pushing approach ensuring a lasting impact on the industry. Stay tuned for the unfolding musical journey of Frilla, a true pioneer in electronic music.



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South West Soundsystem at Bristol Rising Stage

A man wearing a black sweatshirt with a gold design, black jeans, and tan sneakers squats on outdoor steps. He also wears a black cap with a gold emblem, and the background shows a building with wooden siding and large windows.