Emily Magpie

Emily Magpie is an artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Bristol creating dream pop and delving into different dimensions. Her recent EP 'She' on Def Pressé has been championed by Tom Ravenscroft, Deb Grant, Nabihah Iqbal and Emily Pilbeam on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Beautiful - I feel like I'm under water when I listen to her"- Nabihah Iqbal, BBC Radio 6 Music

Her album "There Are Other Forms of Strength" came out April 19th 24 on Def Pressé-

On her upcoming album, Emily's lyrics take us on a journey of self-reflection into the subconscious; deep desires and fears spill forth with a dream-like hue and razor sharp vulnerability. Her production is a mirror to this with raw, textured electronic and organic sounds, which shape shift into myriad unique atmospheric alt-pop landscapes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Anna Wise, Sylvan Esso and Anna B Savage, as well as philosophy, literature and nature, Magpie takes the listener on a journey that is both otherworldly and relatable.



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 A woman with short hair and glasses is seated on a round stool against a soft pink background. She is wearing a striped outfit and black boots. The image has a double exposure effect, creating a dreamy, ethereal appearance with blurred, overlapping images and clouds.