Cindy Stratton and Marius Frank

"Cindy Stratton, the award-winning West Country singer-songwriter, continues to dazzle audiences with her soulful melodies and enchanting performances. With a career marked by critical acclaim and prestigious accolades, Stratton has solidified her place as a luminary in the contemporary music scene. Renowned for her expertly crafted songs and haunting melodies, Cindy Stratton has mastered the art of contemporary songwriting in the folk and Americana genres, infused with a touch of soul. Her voice, described by critics as a ""beautiful instrument capable of many hues,"" effortlessly evokes passion and ethereal beauty, captivating listeners with its exquisite control and emotive depth. Cindy's illustrious career boasts an impressive array of achievements, including performances at esteemed venues such as The Theatre Royal Drury Lane alongside Phil Collins, and supporting icons like Jools Holland, John Martyn, and Richard Thompson. Her stellar performance as an original cast member in Viv Stanshall's comic opera ""Stinkfoot"" further solidifies her status as a versatile and dynamic artist. In addition to her musical prowess, Cindy Stratton's commitment to nurturing talent is evident in her role as a singing teacher and voice coach. Her natural empathy and sensitivity, coupled with years of performance and recording experience, make her an invaluable mentor to aspiring musicians. With her boundless passion for harmony and collaboration, Cindy Stratton continues to push the boundaries of musical expression. Together with her partner Marius Frank, she enriches the music scene as a member of the Bath-based a capella group Z'Bella, showcasing her enduring dedication to artistic excellence and innovation."



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The Expression Stage (Talks, Millennium square)

A blonde, middle-aged woman smiles at the camera as she leans on the side of a guitar which is perched on her lap.