Booty Bass & Babes

Booty Bass was born for women and non-binary folk to come together and play big, bad, unapologetic bangers from around the globe. We are a collective of female and non-binary DJ’s playing bass music that runs through your body, down to your booty, making it pump from the minute you walk in till the minute you twerk out.

Since 2018 it’s become a space that celebrates different cultures from across the world, mixed with much-loved UK sounds. Afrobeats, Latin, Dancehall, Bashment, UK Funky, 90s, Garage, Grime, Baile, Trap, Tribal, and GLOBAL BASS music.In an industry with predominantly men on the decks and in the crowd, we are here to shake things up! Booty Bass was formed to platform and showcase some other DJs. We want to celebrate women and non-binary people behind the decks and pon di floor. Empowering women, embracing different cultures, creating an environment with good vibes and a safe space for EVERYONE.



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Dance (Queen Square)

 Five women in festival attire pose together, smiling and laughing. They wear an array of outfits featuring fishnet stockings, crop tops, and bold accessories. The background includes carnival lights and tents, creating a festive night time atmosphere.