Bass Choir

When we say ‘Bass’ we mean music with a percussive, bass-led rhythm – club music and ENERGY. From drum & bass to breakbeat and UK garage, Bass Choir is set to break all forms of tradition. A musical ensemble of peace, love and unity, focused on experimentation and a refusal to accept genre boundaries, Bass Choir is representative of Bristol’s active and diverse underground urban music scene. "Bass is maternal... when it's loud I feel safer" - Smith & Mighty Founded by Creative Director, British singer-songwriter and producer August, Bass Choir’s vision is simple; to lead, perform and inspire. “The choir brings together vocalists who are passionate about music and performance, with an MC or two to add that additional flavour - sharing a love for bass music whilst coming together as one voice”. Vibes are heightened further by their very own DJ / producer Dave Gibson, a pro on the decks accompanied by Amede Unuabona as assistant musical director, often spotted bellowing on stage, or in a studio pushing faders! Whether you simply want to join or just find yourself rooted to the warm enveloping sub-bass - come witness the ‘riddim’ that is Bass Choir! All are welcome but fundamentally if you have a deep passion for Bass Music, you've come to the right place. Performances include Faraway Cocktail Club (Bristol), Motion, St Paul's Carnival, Hootananny Brixton, Mr Wolfs, Tooting Tram & Social, Mirth Marvel & Maud, Redfest Festival, Lakota Summer of Love Festival, Boomtown Festival, Love Saves the Day Festival, Lost Horizon's, Trinity Centre, Jam Jar and the BBC.



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 A cheerful group of men and women pose together outdoors, all wearing matching black t-shirts that say "CHOIR." They are smiling and interacting with one another, conveying a sense of camaraderie and joy. Some are seated on the ground, while others stand behind them.