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Waved Albatross

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Drawing inspiration from bands such as the Smiths, James and the Cure in terms of the melodic style of their music this four piece indie band are interested in all genres be it rap or folk.

Following their performance at the charity event "Party for Pete", Fix Magazine described them as having  "immediate melodies, quirky rhythms and some sunshine guitar riffs, the young band could well be the day’s most impressive act".

Fisayo's drumming is distinct and reflects his interests in rap and gospel music through uplifting rhythms. Simon's bass lines have become progressively more funk orientated and independent of the guitar lines, providing a perfect fit for Loz's sparkly guitar melodies to weave around.

On top of this all Louey's tuneful vocals always engage the crowd during live performances and provide direction to the songs.

Waved Albatross's music always tries to deliver meaningful lyrics, about a wide array of topics, trying to avoid clichés about love and other over used subjects, expressing their views more openly and honestly.

Although often melancholy themes, their lyrics are written with humour and references to popular culture as ultimately they want people to enjoy their music and make it as accessible as possible.

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