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Newfoundland Dogs

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A hugely popular part of the Bristol Harbour Festival, Newfoundland Dogs have been the St. Bernards of the sea for hundreds of years .

The Newfound Friends are an impressive sight when in the water and their water safety and rescue skills have gained them many influential supporters. But how do these hairy kings of the water with their thick fur coats manage to swim so well?

Their fur actually helps, it's oily which helps to make the dogs bouyant and they have two layers of coat which provides insulation to keep them warm in the water. But the Newfoundlands most exceptional swimming aid is the fact that they have flaps of skin between their toes on all four feet, effectively giving them webbed feet which make excellent paddles.

The Royal Life Saving Society has honoured the dogs for their lifesaving skills and promotion of water safety. The dogs of Newfound Friends are the only dogs ever to attain such awards of commendation from the society.

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