Cirque Bijou Circus Playground, photo Andre Pattenden.jpg

For the first time, Queen Square welcomes Cirque Bijou with their family-friendly mashup of circus, street theatre, comedy, walkabout and things to play, make and do. Come and join the fun in the Circus Playground!

2018 is the 250th anniversary of modern circus in Britain and there are celebrations taking place throughout the year all over the country. Here in Bristol we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading City of Circus, with the largest concentration of circus professionals living and working in the city of anywhere in the country. 

Cirque Bijou are Bristol-based showmakers who push the boundaries of contemporary
circus, street theatre and spectacle to make work that is unexpected, unforgettable and

This is their 15th year producing circus and street theatre for Bristol Harbour
Festival and they are very excited to bring a programme of high quality, diverse and
accessible performance to a new space. Cirque Bijou gratefully receive funding from Bristol
City Council’s Cultural Investment Programme.

The circus stage will have British Sign Language interpretation on both days